The first foundations of our group were laid in 1977 by ATAY CAFER ÜREL, who graduated from Karadeniz Technical University as a mechanical engineer in 1974. 
Our group has started its business life as Makel Ltd and continued its business life as Asel Engineering Ltd.
MAKEL LTD. consists of the first syllables of the words machine and electricity. 
As the name suggests, engineering and technology have been dealt with until today.
Our group, which is completely engaged in engineering and technology, started its adventure by opening its first store named TEKNOGOLD in Dereboyu Street, one of the most popular 
streets of Nicosia,in 2015 with the developing technology in the world. 
In the following years, it continues its leadership in the field of technology by opening 4 more Teknogold stores in different regions of the TRNC and increasing the Teknogold stores to 5.
We aim to be a company that makes the biggest positive impact on our country and our ecosystem by making it easier to shop with technology.
In addition, as a technology company, it is one of our goals to offer the beneficial and improving aspects of technology to our customers.
Contributing to social development, entrepreneurship and innovation with the social responsibility projects we carry out is among our priorities.
With the establishment of our first Teknogold store, we started to serve as TEKNOGOLDONLINE.com in 2015 in order to provide a perfect e-commerce 
experience to our customers and suppliers.
Today, we are one of the largest e-commerce organizations in the TRNC.
As TEKNOGOLDONLINE.com, the leading e-commerce platform of the TRNC and its region, we bring our customers more than 5000 products in nearly 30 categories.
We offer our gratitude to all our customers who have supported and trusted us in this long and ongoing journey.